"Life is a game that is constantly changing. Transformation doesn't happen on its own. It is my passion to empower you to win."


I believe that the economy and each individual company currently have an unique opportunity to position themselves and their products and

services as leading and sustainable (ESG) for the new requirements.
I empower people and

organizations to change and

position themselves in the best

possible way for their prosperous future.


I believe in a future in which organizations act human, system-conscious, sustainable, regenerative, and digital. My purpose is to support people and companies in actively shaping a changing world, being successful, and making a positive contribution to people and the planet.

Digital Transformation - A holistic approach

Are you interested in how the "Sustainable Digital Transformation" generates success?

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You feel that your digitalization projects, sustainability projects, or programs are not on the right track or producing the expected results.

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"Business success, transformation competencies, and innovation correlate with the ability to process and utilize information."

In concrete steps, I help companies of all sizes and in all sectors to make concrete progress and benefit from a holistic orientation towards a "new sustainable way of doing business".
The focus is on enabling the company to recognize its "blind spots" and increasingly empower them to recognize where and in which direction change is required.

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I am Jochen Cierpinsky, and I am passionate about the sustainable digital transformation of organizations.
The rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and other new technologies are shaking the foundations of almost every industry.
Environmental responsibility is increasingly taking center stage, forcing companies to integrate sustainability into their strategies. They are increasingly rethinking everything from their tech stacks to their teams. However, the path of change and growth is usually not as straightforward as it seems.

As the widespread adoption of agile practices clearly shows, a considerable amount has already changed. 
These interconnected forces will further and radically change the vital relationship between customers, investors, employees, companies, and humanity in the following years.

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